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Looking for Top-Class Speakers for i-edge conference – Apply Now!

You can apply as a speaker for the intelligent edge conference 2022. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

What we look for

High quality, non-marketing lectures and seminars from proofen speakers on:
  • technology, development aspects, research insights, innovations and trends
  • as well as application inspiration, use cases and how to's in the field of smart and intelligent edge.

Main topics

  • edge architectures and cloud connectivity
  • bringing AI, machine learning and deep learning to embedded systems and the network perhiphery
  • mastering edge requirements: intelligence, computing performance, low power design, connectivity, safety
  • understanding hardware requirements 
  • smart sensors, node to cloud platforms, topologies (light edge & heavy edge), energy harvesting,
  • RF technology at the edge
  • security, privacy and regulatory aspects
  • getting started: tool ecosystem and development tools
  • software engineering aspects
  • best practice, business and product strategies, use cases
  • future trends and outlook

Related topic

Big data analytics, cloud intelligence, data science,  business intelligence, future trends in AI

How to apply for intelligent edge conference

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